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August 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania couples may share fears during divorce

It is not uncommon to have certain fears about the future during a divorce. However, Pennsylvania couples may find they have a number of fears in common when it comes to divorce and their finances. A recent report has pinpointed some of the more common fears people have as they move forward after their marriage ends.

Pool accident leads to child custody hearing for Usher

Anytime a child gets hurt while with one parent, the other parent may naturally raise concerns about the welfare of that child. Despite even the most amicable child custody agreements, parents may want to revisit an agreement if they feel a child is in danger or an accident occurred. Pennsylvania parents may want to follow the case of R&B singer Usher and the pool accident that has landed him and his ex-wife back in family court.

Man seeks return of child support payments

There are a great many people who pay child support month after month, year after year without fail and without complaint. There may even be times where child support payments can be a financial and emotional strain on a parent. Pennsylvania parents who pay child support may be interested to hear about a recent case involving a man who is seeking to be reimbursed for the child support payments he has been making on a child that ended up not being biologically his.

Communication and child support issues still plague athlete

When a couple gets divorced, they may think their dealings with each other may be over. However, if there are children involved, child support issues can mean they may still have to work together or come to agreements in family court. Pennsylvania couples may find the story of a NBA player, Steve Nash, and the ruling related to his child support issues and how he and his ex-wife interact interesting as it continues to play out in the new and in court.

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