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From B. and M.:
“Maribeth Blessing has been an outstanding lawyer over the past several years to my husband and I. The difficult custody concerns we had to undertake as grandparents has been extremely challenging and exhausting, Maribeth has worked to made every issue her top priority and her principles, integrity has never faltered with any situation we had to endured, she has always there for us. Maribeth is honest, and genuine, compassionate, and is truly a blessing .”



From F.:
“You must meet Maribeth Blessing if you have legal needs in her specialties. My husband and I had a sensitive and emotional issue involving conflict from a trusted family member. Mrs. Blessing recommended and then navigated a professional response which brought us lasting peace of mind. Her deep kindness, wisdom and experience is beyond measure, and she gives her clients the feeling that they are completely accepted and validated.”



From C.:
“Maribeth Blessing is an excellent lawyer. She has been upfront and honest about my case from the beginning. It has been an emotional and very confusing journey for me, however, Maribet and her associates has been very professional in answering all of my questions and timely in addressing my concerns. Her guidance throughout my case is priceless; I cannot thank her enough.”



From T.:
“From the first time that I met Maribeth, she was professional, to the point and very informative. I have been through a very contentious divorce and custody battle, Maribeth has been with me every step of the way and we have gotten favorable decisions from the custody court as well as domestic relations. Maribeth has always taken the lead and been proactive in all matters. I would have been lost without her good counsel.”



From Z.:
“Amazing lawyer. I have used Maribeth for years after my original custody issues was resolved. Each time, she gives the best advice. She has also educated me enough that I am able to do a whole lot for myself. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”



From Anonymous:
“Maribeth handled my divorce so amazingly and with genius. She is legally intuitive. She knows what is best for your situation and executes without hesitation and with your best interest at heart. She is passionate about her work and is compassionate towards her clients. She acts promptly and communicates very well and very thoroughly. My divorce was emotionally ugly and difficult as they mostly all are, but she took the pain of the legalilty out of it and was and Is included in the support system who has gotten me though this.”



From L.:
“I consulted Maribeth to help me understand my recent custody order. She had an answer back to me the same day. Not only did she answer my questions, but she explained the entire order in great detail. She even gave me advice on how to handle areas that she saw as a concern and she addressed any future problems that may arise. Her expert knowledge and thorough response offered emotional succor to myself and my family. I highly recommend Maribeth.”



From I.K.:
“Maribeth really helped me with all my family law and custody issues. From the first day I contacted her office via phone she made me feel very comfortable. I always felt as though my needs were put first and I was treated as a friend rather than a number. The whole process of going to court was very nerve wracking and Maribeth did a great job of calming my nerves and assuring me that everything will be OK. She did a great job of explaining the process to me and fought hard for me and did everything she could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney! The same goes for her staff as well – Liane and Gwen were awesome as well. All are very knowledgeable in Family Law and just all around great people.
I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. I HIGHLY recommend the Offices of Maribeth Blessing!”



From C.G.:
“After seeking for a divorce attorney and having consultations with at least three other attorneys, I was feeling skeptical about where to turn, until I sat down to google for “Best Divorce Attorneys Near Me”. It was then that I came across Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, not too far down the list, and right away I felt she was the one. When I sat down in her office for a consultation, I felt that I could put all my trust in her. I was able to allow her to take my case into her hands and trust that whatever she would do would be the best thing for me. Without her I don’t know how I would’ve made it through one of the most painful and difficult times in my life. She stood by me and I felt like I became stronger through the process. I am so very grateful I found Maribeth Blessing. Maribeth is a very fine lawyer. She is very kind, but firm. She takes her cases seriously. She’s upfront, precise, and dedicated. Maribeth fought for my best interest. When I thought that things would never end, I was surprised to see how quickly she moved things along. She will stay on top of whatever needs to be done. The office staff of Maribeth Blessing are also very kind. Even Zoe, her beautiful dog, as she greets me when I visit the office. I am also grateful for Leanne and Gwen, for being part of her office. I highly recommend Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC.”



From M.B.:
“Sheer genius is the only way to describe her ability to expeditiously resolve the most contentious and disputatious family law matters to the satisfaction of all the parties in the best interests of the family and client. Her results and representation are consistently excellent. She is highly esteemed by all counsel, even opponents, and the parties. We continue to refer and receive overwhelmingly positive and appreciative gratitude from the clients we refer to Ms. Blessing. We also serve as co-counsel in a variety of ancillary matters with only excellent results. Ms. Blessing’s ability to grasp the most difficult of issues, familiarize and educate herself and the parties and resolve whether by trial, but more frequently by agreement due to her being a truly collaborative lawyer elevates her to a level of professional excellence unsurpassed by any in her field. She is also a skilled, trained and certified mediator. I can’t praise her skills enough. She is truly a pleasure also to work with as well.”


From Anonymous:

“I hired Maribeth as my attorney for custody and support soon after leaving a very abusive relationship. From the beginning, Maribeth seemed to have an intuitive understanding of the dynamics of our relationship and she put her heart and soul into helping me. Our legal battles lasted almost three years, involving multiple conferences and hearing dates. The entire time, my ex did everything in his power to both stall the process and intimidate me. He threw out a multitude of baseless allegations and outlandish legal maneuvers. Maribeth was with me every step of the way. She was fully knowledgeable of all the issues involved at each event, and she was always ready to protect me from yet another attempt on the part of my ex to harrass and bully me through the legal system. Eventually, a final custody decision was reached in my favor and my ex attempted to appeal the decision. Though this was not her field of expertise, Maribeth did an enormous amount of personal research in order to continue to represent me to the best of her abilities, and eventually, the appeal was dismissed. Throughout it all, Maribeth accepted the payments I was able to make and never told me that she would not represent me if I did not pay in full. She realized I was making every good faith effort to pay her and she worked with me as a result. She also never did something she knew I was perfectly capable of doing myself or engaged in any other attempts to hike up my legal costs. I cannot begin to recommend Maribeth enough. She is passionate about her work, takes great pride in protecting the rights of her clients, is honest, and has an enormous amount of common sense to go with her legal knowledge. Maribeth, in many ways, saved my life and protected my children. I cannot thank her enough.”



From L.H.:
“I can’t say enough about Maribeth Blessing. She has not only represented me as my attorney but has also through the time spent on my case, become my friend. My divorce was one of the most complicated cases that Maribeth and her office had ever encountered. My first meeting with her took over 5 hours. Who spends that kind of time with a client, in today’s world? Due to the complications of the case, it was not uncommon for another attorney in her firm and staff to sit in on meetings. I spent weeks in her office having been given an office to work in and an intern so that I could create a time line of events and exhibits for the court. By doing my own data collection for the case I was able to save on some of the legal fees that were being accrued. She championed my case through unbelievable obstacles. First, my previous counsel had filed the wrong document and didn’t correct it, which seriously impacted the case. Then opposing counsel slandered my character every chance they could. During the process, both my husband and her husband passed away within weeks of each other. The death of my husband during the divorce process created a whole new set of issues that had to be worked through. Even in her own grief she always answered emails and kept the case moving forward. I was always kept in the loop of information, had my questions answered and knew what was to be expected. Her entire office was always professional, very helpful and became a source of emotional support when everything seemed so overwhelming…Thank you! Maribeth and staff, for helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life.”



From E.O.:
“I wanted to express sincere gratitude for my partnership with Maribeth and the option of collaborative divorce. My ex and I made every effort to keep our marriage together, however, in the end we decided that it would be best if we parted ways in our day to day lives. When making the decision to split up, we found the option for collaborative divorce. I retained Maribeth as my representation through the collaborative divorce process. First, she has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and most importantly empathy. It’s an emotional time and she was very good with keeping me informed and made me feel comfortable with the process. Her team kept communication lines open and shared next steps often and I always knew where we were in the process. During our actual session with my ex and her lawyer, both sides did a great job communicating and moving us through the negotiations and settlements. I could not be more pleased with the Collaborative Divorce process and I want to personally recommend Maribeth and her team to support any person choosing this route for divorce. While there are horror stories and ugly divorces, I feel as if this process kept things very civil and in the end, this was the best for me, my ex, and most importantly our kids.”



From E.O. hired Maribeth in 2014.
“I hired Maribeth Blessing for my child custody case and am very pleased with the results. She is highly knowledgeable and knows what’s in the best interest of the child. She understands what my concerns were as a parent and she was very understanding and caring. She will always be and remain a big part of me and my daughter’s life. I thank her whole heartedly for all that she has done for me and my daughter. I recommend her for all the good work she does in helping people going through turbulent times.”



From G.:
Maribeth Blessing lives up to her name as she was truly a blessing to me in taking over my divorce case which had been grossly mishandled by a previous attorney. She had less than a month to become familiar with my case and prepare for the equitable distribution segment of the proceedings. With her legal expertise and attention to details she put together my financial dossier that allowed the discontinuance of Alimony that I had been ordered to pay my spouse. Her top-notch negotiation skills afforded me a settlement that ruled in my favor as well as the final divorce decree which had been dragging on for 1.5 years under my previous attorney. One of her many attributes is that she is truly an “Advocate” for her clients. I felt as her client that I was heard, respected and valued. When it comes to getting the job done she has a “No-Nonsense” attitude. She doesn’t drag her feet or skirt around issues but looks for the most expeditious way to come to closure. She and her staff are very pleasant and professional. The atmosphere in her office is warm and inviting helping to relieve the stress already associated with whatever issue you are facing. I may not know a lot of attorneys but she is definitely “Creme de la Creme”! She has my highest recommendation.



From J.:
Having gone through an extremely tumultuous divorce and custody battle, Ms. Blessing was my only saving grace. With her expertise of family law, her compassion, and her outstanding reputation, she truly saved me from financial ruin. Most importantly, she saved my child and allowed me to retain maximal custody. Thanks to her, I’ve been able to resume my life and build my child’s future. My family and I will eternally be grateful for the gifts that she has given us. You will never regret hiring her as your attorney, as she will fight for you as though you are part of her family. And she’ll win.



From L.S.:
Maribeth Blessing is highly intelligent, very professional and extremely well-organized. She has limitless patience and a wonderful “bedside” manner. She is able to navigate sensitive issues in a tactful and gracious manner. She listens to what you want and then explains potential consequences in terms that anyone can understand. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. Their office is well-run and efficient. Maribeth is easily accessible and returns your calls promptly. Her concern for her clients is evident in every interaction. I recommend her highly and without reservation.



From C.T.:
I hired Maribeth Blessing as my lawyer for my divorce. She has been wonderful handling so much for me and guiding me with the process on what steps need to take place and what needs to be done. Not only as my lawyer but as a friend too. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it’s so nice to have someone on your side that knows the law and helps you to see what is available to make the right decision for me and my children’s future. Her staff is very helpful when she is unavailable also. Maribeth was recommended to me and I’m so glad I hired. I would recommend her to anyone that is going through a divorce, She is very good at what she dose.



From D.R.:
After a very contentious divorce almost two decades ago and the alienation of my three children two of which should have been emancipated in 2008 and 2009, I attained justice with the knowledgeable representation of MaryBeth Blessing, Esquire. For years I had paid my ordered child support yet when I requested as legally decreed in my divorce that my oldest daughters in 2008 and 2009 be emancipated, the court ignored UIFSA. This unfair treatment cost me much additional money, time off of work and a tremendous amount of stress. In essence, I had been overpaying child support for three years and health insurance (their mother had health insurance for them and never used mine, yet I had to continue to pay for it). MaryBeth Blessing facilitated bringing this matter to a just resolution. Thank goodness my wife and I found her. I only wish we would have found her sooner. She knew the law, she was methodical and determined in her approach on my behalf. She was honest, assertive with a very even toned and calming demeanor. Although it was a bittersweet victory, the terms of my divorce decree were finally and justly enforced. Ms. Blessing was the utmost professional and the case for the most part went exactly as she thought it would. I strongly recommend that anyone in need of any attorney that will get it right will call her without hesitation, Do not try to deal with these issues alone, it does not work that way in today’s system. You need an advocate and her name is MaryBeth Blessing!



From O.:
It gives me great pleasure to write a recommendation for the Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC. Anyone looking for an experienced attorney in family law should look into hiring Marybeth Blessing. Going through a divorce can be devastating on an emotional level. Marybeth and her staff were there for me in my hour of need. Her staff was ethical & professional. Marybeth’s years of experience in family law has greatly helped me in my case. I appreciate her time & effort.



From L.L.:
I have used the services of Maribeth Blessing on several occasions and currently, she is representing me in my divorce proceedings. I am confident Maribeth and her team has my best interest at heart. She is professional, focused and very adamant about the direction that my current case must go; which alleviates much of the concern I have about the inner workings of the legal system. Her years of experience in the field of law is evident and is reflected in the manner in which my case is being presented. I have constant contact with her, as she is very accessible; and her and her office staff keep me posted on everything I need to know, and do, in regards to my divorce proceedings. There are no surprises. She is up front and very precise on what must be done and very clear about the fees for her service. I would highly recommend Maribeth Blessing to any person who has the need for legal advice, suggestions and/or representation. If you are looking for a dedicated attorney with the knowledge of not only Family Law, but other areas as well, than she is the right lawyer for your consultation. Consultations are very important but they do not tell you everything about a lawyer; or their particular style. What most people seem to miss is the specifics to look for at consultation. Many are focused on price; but what I believe is most important is to look closely and recognize any sense of false promises. I knew after my initial consultation Maribeth was the right lawyer for me. She made me feel at ease about the process and has followed up on her promise to make sure there is nothing left to chance. I have had a good experience through a very difficult time and can say she absolutely follows up on each and every item that is important to a case. I am certain that my situation was better served having Maribeth Blessing represent me and my children. It won’t be long before everything is settled and I can move on in my life, thanks to her.



A top notch attorney with years of experience, personality, and professionalism – T.M.


I first met Maribeth Blessing in 2016 when I was preparing for my divorce. She was speaking at a Second Saturday event, which provides women with information on the divorce process. She was professional, yet compassionate, and I could tell she knew the law. I spoke with her after the session and briefly discussed my situation. She asked me to call her when I was ready to make a move on the divorce.


Nine months later, I was in her office, and I asked endless questions, for which she had all the answers. Dealing with a narcissist spouse was difficult, and at best, unpredictable, but Maribeth coached me through the process of filing for divorce and also how to explain to my spouse the different levels of getting to the divorce. She fully advocated for any way to minimize my legal costs, and thoroughly explained each level of resolution in the court system.


From the time I filed until I received my final decree, it was a little over two years. Maribeth was with me through it all. She worked hard to keep my legal fees at the minimum for each step of the way and gave me options. We did keep trying to settle the case, but the ex wasn’t having it. Maribeth stayed steadfast. She was my rock at the exclusive possession hearing in which we prevailed, and she stood by me for each hearing after that. She is a master at what she does, and it is easy to see why she is well-respected by court officials and judges.


Maribeth supported me to very end, and then some. She kept going and did her best to make sure I got what I needed to support myself and my kids. She is very proactive and so thorough that other attorneys fully trust her work without batting an eye.


I can’t imagine this journey without her, and am glad we got through it together. Her partner, Gwen, is also a dynamo, and goes the extra mile to turn over every leaf and come up with “outside the box” strategies and ideas.


I am so grateful for her guidance and support through a hellish two years. If you are looking for an attorney who will have your back and keep things moving, Maribeth Blessing is the attorney you need!