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Answering Your Collaborative Law Questions

What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a legal process that allows divorcing couples or parents to resolve their divorce, custody matter or other family law issue outside of court. The parties work together, with the help of their lawyers, to negotiate a settlement that benefits both sides.

How Is Collaborative Law Different From Mediation?

Mediation uses a mediator – a neutral third party – to facilitate negotiations. The mediator explains the law, but can’t give legal advice to either side. In collaborative law, each party has his/her own attorney who is trained in collaborative law. Your attorney is your advocate and gives legal advice, but is also committed to the common goal of resolution.

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

Each party hires an attorney who is trained in collaborative law, a collaborative law agreement is signed, and a series of meetings are held to discuss the key issues and reach mutually agreeable decisions.

What Are The Benefits Of Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law offers many benefits. It reduces stress, keeps the parties in control, provides more flexibility, results in more creative solutions and helps reduce contention between the parties.

Is Collaborative Law Cheaper Than Traditional Methods?

In general, yes. Litigating a case is expensive and time-consuming. Collaborative law is more time-efficient and thus also more cost-efficient.

Is A Collaborative Divorce Faster?

Every case is different, but in general, yes. The family court systems are over-burdened. It can often take months or years to have your case resolved, depending on the county your case is in. Collaborative law uses a series of meetings, which can happen in rapid succession, to negotiate a settlement. Because parties are on their own timeline, they can often complete their divorce in less time.

Is Collaborative Law Right For Your Family?

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