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Does Mediation Work?

Everyone seems to like mediation in family law matters, and with good reason. At our Philadelphia area law firm, we can mediate disputes or represent clients in mediations. We have seen firsthand the benefits of mediation and urge many of our clients to try it.

At Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, we are strong advocates for mediation. Our founding partner is a trained mediator, is involved in several professional organizations devoted to mediation and conducts workshops and seminars for other attorneys on the topic.

Why Does Mediation Work?

Here is what we have observed in our years of representing clients and serving as neutral mediators:

  • Clients prefer it because it is voluntary, less adversarial and perceived as more fair
  • Solutions are often more creative
  • The final agreements may be more comprehensive
  • Clients are more likely to understand the issues
  • Mediation is faster than litigation
  • Mediation is usually much less expensive
  • A mediated settlement is more likely to be followed by the parties

When Is Mediation Not Appropriate?

Although almost any issue may be resolved through mediation, there are a few circumstances in which mediation might not be appropriate. In particular, divorcing couples with a history of domestic violence may not be suitable candidates for mediation.

What Other Issues Can Be Resolved By Mediation?

Our mediators have represented participants or served as mediators in mediations involving neighborhood issues, employment disputes, business and partnership disputes, elder law issues and many others.

To discuss your legal needs or to find out if mediation is right for you, contact Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, at 215-392-0849. Our office is located in Rockledge, Pennsylvania.