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We Provide Help During Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence situations are extremely serious. If you or your children have been physically abused, or if you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to get legal help immediately.

At the Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, we help domestic violence victims get the protection they need. We also help those accused with domestic abuse protect their rights.

What To Do If You Are The Victim Of Domestic Violence

If your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend or your ex physically attacks you or your children, or puts you in imminent fear of being harmed, take these steps:

1. Get to a safe place

2. Call the police

3. Get medical attention

4. Take photos of your injuries

5. File for an emergency Protection from Abuse (PFA) order immediately

6. Contact a lawyer

What To Do If You’ve Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

If you have been accused with domestic violence, you are facing serious charges that can have a substantial impact on your life. Take these steps.

1. Contact an attorney.

2. Avoid doing anything further that could be used against you in court, such as sending threatening emails or text messages.

3. Obey the temporary restraining order if there is one.

It is not uncommon for people to make false accusations in an attempt to get a leg up in divorce or custody cases. Unfortunately, if a restraining order is awarded — even if accusations are false — you may be forced to leave the family home and have limited contact with your children.

Temporary And Permanent PFAs

There are two types of restraining orders, or protection from abuse orders, in Pennsylvania: temporary and permanent. A temporary can be obtained quickly in emergent circumstances and is good until a permanent order is entered or until the victim withdraws the PFA action. The court must schedule a hearing within 10 days of the entry of a temporary order.

A permanent order can only be granted after a hearing during which both sides present their case or entered by agreement without any finding of fault. A permanent order can be in effect for up to three years. Violation of either a temporary or permanent abuse order can have criminal repercussions in addition to the civil repercussions.

Pennsylvania’s Protection From Sexual Violence And Intimidation Act

Under Pennsylvania law, adults and children who have been the victim of sexual abuse, stalking, harassment or bullying can seek restraining orders to protect them from their aggressors. Unlike traditional PFAs, there is no requirement that there be a “domestic relationship.”

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