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Understanding The Advantages Of Collaborative Law

During a divorce or child custody dispute, emotions often take over. In traditional litigation, it is easy for former couples to lose focus of what is really important in an attempt to “beat” the other side. Collaborative law takes a different approach. Instead of two sides working against each other, the collaborative process involves four people – the parties and their attorneys – thinking together.

At the Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, we believe collaborative law offers a better way to divorce and resolve other family law matters. Below is a list of some of the many benefits of collaborative law.

Easing Stress

Family law matters are highly stressful. During a divorce, your entire life is changing. Your finances are being divided and your family relationships are being restructured. It is a highly stressful and emotional time. The last thing you need is the stress and emotional trauma that comes from a courtroom battle. Collaborative law helps ease the stress by keeping you out of the courtroom.

You Stay In Control

When you bring a family law matter before the court, you lose power. The judge makes the final decisions. Collaborative law keeps the decision-making power in your hands. You and your spouse work together to reach mutually agreeable solutions.

More Creative Solutions

When a judge makes decisions about your family, they do so with very little information. They don’t know your children or your family dynamics. What results is often a very cookie-cutter solution. With collaborative law, you have much more flexibility. You, your attorney, your spouse and their lawyer all work together to develop a plan that works for both you and your family.

The Preservation Of Parenting Relationships

Your marriage may be ending, but your parenting relationship is not. In order to have happy, healthy kids, you need to do your best to keep your relationship with the other parent cordial. This can be hard to do — especially if you end up in a courtroom battle. Collaborative law gives you the best chance possible of being able to co-parent peacefully in the future.

It’s More Time- And Cost-Efficient

The courts are busy. Getting your case through the system can take years — and time is money. Collaborative law offers a more expedient way to resolve your disputes, and is often much less expensive than traditional litigation.

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