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Mediation: A More Peaceful Way To Resolve Disputes

Unlike arbitration, mediation does not employ a neutral third party to make a judgment that is binding on the parties. Rather, mediation is a facilitated process in which the parties arrive at their own decisions. Like arbitration, mediation is usually faster and more private. Unlike arbitration, rules of evidence and other court procedures do not apply unless the parties request them.

At the Philadelphia area firm, Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, our lawyers act both as counsel to parties in mediation and as mediators. Our founding family law attorney is a member of many professional organizations devoted to mediation, including the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Mediation Usually Benefits The Children

Attorney Blessing and the other mediators in the firm are especially dedicated to using voluntary mediation in family law disputes involving children. Using mediation to deal with custody and support issues is far less confrontational. It can also allow the parties to develop creative and amicable solutions that would not be possible in a traditional litigated divorce.

How Mediation Works

It’s quite simple: the two parties receive training in the process, obtain legal representation and bring to the table a list of the issues that need resolution. The mediator guides them through the process, keeping the discussion on track and productive. The attorneys are present to provide legal advice and draft and file the paperwork required to complete the matter. There is no winner or loser, but mediation works because it empowers the parties to make their own decisions.

What Types Of Issues Are Resolved Through Mediation?

Our lawyers have represented clients in mediations involving:

  • Family mediation, including divorce, custody and property distribution. We also recommend mediation for cohabiting partners because there are no remedies under the law for most non-marital family matters.
  • Elder mediation including nursing home placement
  • Will contests
  • Neighborhood disputes, including zoning, noise complaints, nuisance and compliance issues and boundary disputes
  • Employment and labor disputes, including addressing claims of harassment and discrimination
  • Business dissolution

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