Pennsylvania couples may share fears during divorce

It is not uncommon to have certain fears about the future during a divorce. However, Pennsylvania couples may find they have a number of fears in common when it comes to divorce and their finances. A recent report has pinpointed some of the more common fears people have as they move forward after their marriage ends.

For one partner, not being involved in the day to day financial decisions can make them fearful that they are not going to get a fair settlement from their spouse. There is also the fear of not even knowing for sure what assets the couple may even have that need to be split between the two partners. The most common fear pertains to how life will change as finances are altered via alimony, child support and a change in living expense.

The recent news report highlighting these common fears also gives pointed advice as to how best to adjust to this new and uncertain chapter. Having knowledge of current financial holdings is recommended as it is the best way to gauge fairness of any settlement. Having the right experts lined up if there are any doubts as to the transparency of the financial situation is also recommended.

While no two couples and their financial reality are exactly alike, the common thread of fearing change and trepidation about an independent financial future is universal. Pennsylvania couples going through divorce may want to take steps to be prepared for a changing financial status. They also may want to take steps to ensure they have all of the information they need to go forward and accept a fair settlement.

Source: CBS News, Divorce financial planner: 3 common fears, Robert Pagliarini, Aug.23, 2013