Communication and child support issues still plague athlete

When a couple gets divorced, they may think their dealings with each other may be over. However, if there are children involved, child support issues can mean they may still have to work together or come to agreements in family court. Pennsylvania couples may find the story of a NBA player, Steve Nash, and the ruling related to his child support issues and how he and his ex-wife interact interesting as it continues to play out in the new and in court.

The NBA player and his wife divorced in 2011 and they have three children together. A court recently ruled that Nash may be ordered to pay more in child support than he currently pays. The court also ruled on how the couple can communicate with each other.

The court has agreed with a previous judge that ordered the couple to cease making disparaging comments about each other online. Reportedly, Nash’s ex-wife has used Twitter to say negative things about the basketball player. Both have reportedly agreed to essentially watch what they say about each other and the order handed down reflects the legality of that agreement.

While divorce in itself can be contentious for couples, child support issues and a continuance of negative feelings and remarks can land couples back in court years after a divorce. When it comes to family courts, Pennsylvania judges work to ensure the best interests of the children involved is put first. Couples may find a judge can order them to stop publicly making negative remarks against each other if they deem that also is in the best interest of the children.

Source:, “Ruling: Nash May Need To Pay More Child Support,” July 23, 2013