Pool accident leads to child custody hearing for Usher

Anytime a child gets hurt while with one parent, the other parent may naturally raise concerns about the welfare of that child. Despite even the most amicable child custody agreements, parents may want to revisit an agreement if they feel a child is in danger or an accident occurred. Pennsylvania parents may want to follow the case of R&B singer Usher and the pool accident that has landed him and his ex-wife back in family court.

Usher has primary custody of two children he has with his ex-wife. While he was away and his aunt was supervising the boys, one child went to the bottom of the family pool and became stuck in the drain. The aunt and a housekeeper tried desperately to free him. A contractor freed the child and did CPR, saving the child’s life.

The ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond asked for an emergency hearing to get temporary custody after the accident. Raymond said the children are often left with various people and some are not qualified to watch the children. She also said she was not alerted promptly about the near-drowning incident. Despite her concerns, the judge in the case did not give her temporary custody; but has left them with Usher.

People seldom lose child custody based on an accident, as most judges concur that accidents can happen to anyone. However, if an accident occurs because a parent had been neglectful or has not provided adequate supervision, that parent may lose custody based on the safety issue. Any Pennsylvania parent in the midst of a child custody case should know that modifications to child custody agreements can be made through the courts if it is in the best interest of the child.

Source: entertainment.time.com, “Judge Sides with Usher in Child Custody Battle,” Kate Brumback, Aug. 9, 2013