Man seeks return of child support payments

There are a great many people who pay child support month after month, year after year without fail and without complaint. There may even be times where child support payments can be a financial and emotional strain on a parent. Pennsylvania parents who pay child support may be interested to hear about a recent case involving a man who is seeking to be reimbursed for the child support payments he has been making on a child that ended up not being biologically his.

The man paid child support for a child he was told belonged to him for years. He also provided other benefits for the child. He waived having any DNA testing conducted at the time he was ordered to pay a set amount of child support.

The mother of the child decided to have a paternity test done as she pursued having the child adopted by a man she recently married. Those DNA tests revealed the child did not belong to the man who had been paying child support for years. The man who has been paying is seeking damages to the tune of more than $130,000 total.

The man who paid all of those years may have a wide range of emotions upon hearing he is not the father of a child he has supported. While this scenario is rare in the age of DNA, it can still happen. It is typically advisable for Pennsylvania parents to pursue all legal avenues and know their rights anytime they are ordered to pay child support or even if they wish to modify the amount they have been ordered to pay.

Source:, “Lawsuit: Man pays thousands in child support, finds out child’s not his,” July 31, 2013