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December 2014 Archives

Modifying child custody order for Pennsylvania families

One of the most contentious and stressful parts of a divorce may be the issue of child custody. The family courts in Pennsylvania work tirelessly to ensure the best interests of any children involved are upheld. Once a child custody order is entered, that order may not work for everyone in the long term. Over a period of time or at the request of a parent, a modification may be sought and may be necessary to meet the changing needs of the child and family.

Child support payments made for non-existent child

The family court system has very clear guidelines and laws pertaining to child support. However, there may be times when parents decide to go along with an agreement outside of a court order. This is never recommended, as it can lead to misunderstandings or worse. Anyone in Pennsylvania who is hesitant to agree to a child support order through the family court system may want to know about a woman who pleaded guilty to fraudulently receiving child support when there was no child even involved.

Failure to pay child support case gets complicated for immigrant

When a child support order is handed down in family court, failure to pay can result in serious consequences for the paying parent. However, not every case of failure to pay child support is cut and dry. Any parent in Pennsylvania who struggles with child support payments or struggles to ensure that a paying parent keeps up with payments may be interested in the case of an immigrant who was jailed for not paying.

Some couples may want to protect privacy during divorce

For couples of a certain stature or those in the public eye, privacy of personal affairs may be of the utmost concern. When a couple becomes entangled in a court case, certain information may go from the private to the public domain. For some Pennsylvania couples, having private information become public during a divorce may be something they wish to avoid if at all possible.

Adoption requires individual attention for Pennsylvania families

The decision to adopt is just the first step for a family that wishes to grow. The adoption process is highly unique and each case presents challenges unlike any other. This means that any Pennsylvania family pursuing adoption should understand that individual attention for its case is not just a luxury, but a necessity.

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