Modifying child custody order for Pennsylvania families

One of the most contentious and stressful parts of a divorce may be the issue of child custody. The family courts in Pennsylvania work tirelessly to ensure the best interests of any children involved are upheld. Once a child custody order is entered, that order may not work for everyone in the long term. Over a period of time or at the request of a parent, a modification may be sought and may be necessary to meet the changing needs of the child and family.

A legal modification essentially involves making changes to an existing court order. There are many common and acceptable reasons a court may issue a modification. One of the most common reasons is a change in location of a parent. Also, if a parent’s work schedule changed permanently, a modification may be needed so that parent can still have the time they need with his or her child.

In order for a modification to be granted, certain criteria must be met. The first and foremost issue to be determined is if the proposed change will be in the best interests of the child. While the needs of the parent matter, the child’s best interests take precedence. Each case is unique, and there may be times when one parent requests a modification and the other parent wants to fight the request.

A modification to a child custody order is a legal process that can seem just as stressful and confusing as an initial custody hearing. Our firm offers information about modifications and how the process works overall. If you need a modification or wish to oppose one in a Pennsylvania family court, having an experienced family law attorney on your side may provide the guidance and support that you and your child need.