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April 2014 Archives

Communication tips for co-parents after divorce

Whenever a couple splits and still needs to co-parent, there may be bumps in the road or difficult issues to work out. When a couple who has gone through divorce find themselves in a co-parenting challenge, following a few tips may help ease the transition. Pennsylvania parents who adopt communication tips may also be able to head off any new disputes that may necessitate legal intervention.

Pennsylvania dad jailed for not paying child support

Whenever a couple shares a child, an agreement pertaining to child support is legally binding. This means any kind of breach of the child support agreement can have legal consequences. A Pennsylvania dad is finding out that a breach of child support can lead to multiple criminal consequences as he faces jail time again.

Debt obligations during divorce can get complicated

When there is a divorce pending, it might seem like property division decisions may be pretty cut and dry. People may assume it is clear what is considered marital property and what is deemed separate property during a divorce. However, as many Pennsylvania couples can attest, these assumptions can get clouded where debt is concerned, especially student loan debt.

Tips for Pennsylvania parents in the midst of divorce

The time period before, during and directly after a divorce can be a time of great upheaval for everyone involved. Pennsylvania parents may be dealing with an overabundance of change in their own lives during a divorce. The changes that impact children can be massive and may call for special attention, as children may interpret divorce differently than the adults involved.

Pennsylvania couples can have tech-savvy divorce

Technology seems to have infiltrated every aspect of life over the last few years. With the onset of online sites and smart phone apps aimed at helping couples find each other, it isn't hard to imagine that there are now apps in place to help guide couples through a divorce. Pennsylvania couples dealing with divorce may be interested in the new apps and tech savvy ways to make the divorce process smoother, but it can also be important to remember that divorce laws can be complicated and may require extensive research to best protect an individual's rights.

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