Pennsylvania couples can have tech-savvy divorce

Technology seems to have infiltrated every aspect of life over the last few years. With the onset of online sites and smart phone apps aimed at helping couples find each other, it isn’t hard to imagine that there are now apps in place to help guide couples through a divorce. Pennsylvania couples dealing with divorce may be interested in the new apps and tech savvy ways to make the divorce process smoother, but it can also be important to remember that divorce laws can be complicated and may require extensive research to best protect an individual’s rights.

Apps on smart phones can be a useful tool for couples who need to find a way to discuss the divorce and life changes that will impact the children. One app is called “Sesame Street Divorce.” It uses characters to help parents and children talk about the divorce. The app gives kids a chance to express feelings and also offers tips for parents as to how best to answer kids’ questions.

Other types of apps are out there to help couples assess what assets may need to be divided during the actual divorce proceedings. There are also apps aiming to help parents deal with logistic issues related to their children. Shared calendars can help families keep track of kids’ schedules and visitation issues, among other things.

There are many decisions that need to be made when a couple decides to divorce. Typically, the more information a Pennsylvania couple has, the better the process and aftermath may turn out for everyone involved. Using technology as a source of information and a tool to make the transition easier is just one more way for couples to handle the great deal of information and decisions that may relate to a marital split.

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