Pennsylvania dad jailed for not paying child support

Whenever a couple shares a child, an agreement pertaining to child support is legally binding. This means any kind of breach of the child support agreement can have legal consequences. A Pennsylvania dad is finding out that a breach of child support can lead to multiple criminal consequences as he faces jail time again.

The father moved to Pennsylvania in 2009. At that time, he was in debt for child support payments he didn’t pay in another state. That debt was for $109,000. According to authorities, the debt owed by the man has consistently stayed above $100,000.

The 45-year-old father was arrested in 2011 for not complying with payment orders. He was arrested multiple times that year. He was also mandated to live in alternative housing on the stipulation that he would pay $5,000 or get a job and have his wages garnished. It is unclear how many children the man has, but authorities state that he has been arrested 12 times for not paying.

Child support can be a financial strain for some parents, yet it can also be the only means for some parents to provide for a child they share with the non-custodial parent. Any Pennsylvania parent who is struggling to pay child support or is behind in payments and wants to avoid criminal consequences may benefit from understanding how modifications might work. A parent who is owed child support payments may also benefit from understanding the modification process and also what legal options they have for securing back child support payments.

Source:, “PA deadbeat dad arrested for 12th time“, , April 12, 2014