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May 2013 Archives

Child support issues can affect career opportunities

While everyone's circumstances may be different, when a court orders child support payments, people across all economic lines may suffer a number of consequences if they fall behind. Falling behind in child support payments in Pennsylvania or any other state can lead to a number of penalties and even a loss of one's freedom. One recent case making news highlights how falling behind can affect a parent's ability to do their job.

Pennsylvania man allegedly breaks law to pay child support

Whenever a parent falls behind or thinks they may be late with child support payments, they may go to unusual lengths to meet their legal obligation. One Pennsylvania man has found himself in trouble with the law due to the alleged actions he took to pay back child support. The man was an independent contractor and has been accused of misusing funds he received for a job by using them for settling his child support debt.

Child support complexities may be about more than dollars

While each state may have a specific formula for setting the amount of support a parent has to pay in child support, people still have the right to seek modifications or ask to be exempt from paying at all for a variety of reasons. In the recent case of NBA player Steve Nash, he has reportedly told a judge that he doesn't want to pay any child support. Pennsylvania parents may want to follow the case and see if his reasons help him get the outcome he is seeking.

Pennsylvania parent goes to extremes due to child support warrant

There are times when child support payments become a difficult financial strain on a parent for a number of reasons. Luckily, for parents having trouble keeping up with payments, there are legal avenues designed to help. However, one Pennsylvania parent seems to have gone to extreme lengths to avoid facing authorities and dealing with child support issues.

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