Pennsylvania parent goes to extremes due to child support warrant

There are times when child support payments become a difficult financial strain on a parent for a number of reasons. Luckily, for parents having trouble keeping up with payments, there are legal avenues designed to help. However, one Pennsylvania parent seems to have gone to extreme lengths to avoid facing authorities and dealing with child support issues.

The 30-year-old man was pulled over by police because he was suspected of driving a car with an expired inspection sticker. At some point during his encounter with police, the man jumped into the Lehigh River while his passenger distracted officers. He was adrift and heading towards a dam. The man reportedly stayed in the middle of the river as police converged on both shores.

Police tried to convince the man to get out because of an impending waterfall. They had a water rescue crew on hand and kept communication with the man to try and lure him out of the water before he needed to be rescued. He finally swam to waiting authorities and was arrested for numerous charges.

The man eventually told authorities he fled because of an outstanding warrant for failure to pay child support. While this form of avoidance of child support is unusual, it highlights the desperation a person behind in support may feel if they ever encounter law enforcement while they are behind in payments. A Pennsylvania family court official may be able to help parents seek modifications or adjustments in the amount they owe if they are suffering a financial hardship that makes it difficult to keep up with established child support payments.

Source:, “Wanted for child support, man jumps in river at Easton, police say,” Frank Warner, April 27, 2013