Child support issues can affect career opportunities

While everyone’s circumstances may be different, when a court orders child support payments, people across all economic lines may suffer a number of consequences if they fall behind. Falling behind in child support payments in Pennsylvania or any other state can lead to a number of penalties and even a loss of one’s freedom. One recent case making news highlights how falling behind can affect a parent’s ability to do their job.

The case involves two parents who were both stockbrokers. One of the men was owed more than $14,000 in back child support and the other was reportedly behind in payments totaling more than $70,000. The Secretary of State in their home state suspended their licenses as stockbrokers as a punishment for the missed payments. Once they arrange for re-payment, they may apply to get their professional licenses back.

The ruling authority contends the punishment will serve as motivation for the men to live up to their financial obligation. However, the opponents of the penalty contend taking their licenses away will ensure the men are unable to pay anything as they will be unable to earn a living. It is unclear if the two men in this particular case have any other means of repaying what they owe.

Child support payments can become overwhelming despite the employment situation of the parent who pays. However, when payments are missed, legal action can be taken against that parent on behalf of the child who isn’t receiving the support they are entitled to. Family courts in Pennsylvania often address modifications of child support payments or obligations as a means of preventing parents from falling behind and having children suffer as a result. Parents who are not receiving payments they should on a regular basis have rights through family court also to make sure those missed payments are made up in accordance with the law.

Source:, “Indiana suspends stockbrokers’ licenses over owed child support,” Chris Sikich, May 16, 2013