Choose The Right Path  

Maribeth Blessing’s Practice Values

Our firm is dedicated to preserving and protecting you and your family and is rooted in peace-making. We are equal partners with our clients and provide them with informed choices every step of the way. Our core values include the following:

Transformation: We believe that you and others can change for the better. In the divorcing context, such transformation can be facilitated and accelerated by the way the divorce is resolved.

Rational Problem Solving: People can find solutions by thinking through and talking about difficult issues.

Peace-making: Peace and the act of being peaceful toward those in pain and conflict are values to which we devote time and energy.

Empowerment: People should have control over their own destiny.

Recognition: We believe that all parties should receive recognition and understanding of their viewpoints and we strive to help parties give recognition to one another on the positives on which we build clarity and understanding through interest-based bargaining.

Cooperation: People work more effectively and are more satisfied when they are working together in a more peaceful manner towards common goals.

Fairness: People should get a fair shake out of life, and human action and institutions should be designed with fairness as an outcome.

Options: People do better with choices, and we strive to achieve creative brainstorming to provide a wealth of ideas and choices.

Creativity: The process of carving out time and devoting energy to create new ideas and opportunities is a value in and of itself.

Hope: Our firm has a belief in the possible and believes it should be shared with others who are paralyzed with fear and pessimism.

We believe that no matter how “family friendly” the court system tries to be, it remains toxic for families and polarizes parents as well as spouses. It is both emotionally and financially detrimental, and keeps families in turmoil for years. We are proponents of alternative processes that preserve the family unit, the family budget, and can lend global settlement in a relatively short period of time. Our focus is on helping our clients choose the best process for them, which for the most part, is a process outside the litigation process. For those that litigation is the only alternative, we provide zealous and superior advocacy.

“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser — in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.” Abraham Lincoln

Maribeth Blessing’s Overall Practice Services


In more detail, our firm offers the following:

Collaborative Services:

  • Collaborative law with full team and Referral Sources as needed
  • Collaborative law with partial team of Lawyers and limited professionals
  • Collaborative law with Lawyers only
  • Collaborative Professional representing one party in Mediation as Coach or at mediation table
  • Low, middle, high-income collaborative services

Mediation Services:

  • Neutral Mediator serving as a Collaborative Team member in a Collaborative process
  • Neutral Mediator with two unrepresented parties
  • Neutral Mediator with unrepresented parties mutually including third parties
  • Neutral Mediator with represented parties where both parties agree to Lawyer’s presence at the mediation
  • Neutral Mediator with multiple parties
  • Neutral Mediator with multiple parties and agreed upon Lawyers
  • Neutral Mediator with Lawyers signing a disqualification clause in event of litigation
  • Neutral Mediator/Arbitrator in Parent Coordination appointments or agreements
  • Neutral Mediator with Lawyers with Peace-making training
  • Neutral Mediator with Traditional Lawyers in the room by agreement of parties
  • Neutral Mediator with Unbundled Lawyers outside as coaches

Arbitration Services:

  • Court-appointed arbitrator for Parent Coordination; Court appointed Arbitrator for designated purposes; Counsel agreed Arbitrator for full resolution of all issues related to divorce – binding arbitration
  • Counsel agreed Arbitrator for resolution of specific issues – binding arbitration
  • Arbitrator appointed and agreed upon by non-represented parties – binding arbitration

Nonlitigation Services:

  • Consultation and development of settlement proposals to other party with flat fee divorce processing if accepted
  • Direct negotiation with traditional lawyer
  • Direct negotiation with peace-making lawyer
  • Cooperative/Collaborative Negotiation Approach with NO disqualification clause – interest-based bargaining
  • Unbundled coaching of Pro Se party
  • Preventative transactions and agreements in Family or other areas
  • Consulting/coach lawyer in Mediation
  • Second Opinions
  • Settlement Co-Counsel in Litigation case
  • Consultation as needed for Pro Se litigant
  • Trial preparation for Pro Se litigant
  • Ghost writing with direction for processing documents necessary to obtain divorce decree
  • Drafting of Agreements with Waivers
  • Preventative agreements such as Pre-nuptial agreements – collaborative or traditional approaches, or for Pro Se parties
  • Consulting attorney for other Lawyers

Other Services:

  • Montgomery County Friend of the Court volunteer attorney in mediating Protection from Abuse cases
  • MCAP pro bono volunteer attorney for children in Montgomery County in Family, Juvenile, Orphans, and Criminal Court.
  • Legal Aid pro bono volunteer attorney
  • Partnering with litigation attorney as settlement attorney
  • Litigation and/or litigation referral