Child support complexities may be about more than dollars

While each state may have a specific formula for setting the amount of support a parent has to pay in child support, people still have the right to seek modifications or ask to be exempt from paying at all for a variety of reasons. In the recent case of NBA player Steve Nash, he has reportedly told a judge that he doesn’t want to pay any child support. Pennsylvania parents may want to follow the case and see if his reasons help him get the outcome he is seeking.

The NBA player cites the fact that his wife already has a large sum of money and is a millionaire as a result of their divorce. He also contends that if he were to give her more, the kids would be spoiled with a lifestyle filled with luxuries. She contends that he still makes $1 million more than she does and some of that should go towards their children.

Some people may wrongfully assume Nash’s case and reasoning may peg him as a so-called deadbeat dad who simply does not want to care for his children. However, he reportedly pays for a number of hefty expenses for his children already. Nash claims he pays 90 percent of medical bills and 82 percent of a nanny’s salary.

While both parties may seem to have enough financially to ensure their children have everything they may need, the right to pursue a modification or exemption from paying child support in this case may be more about principle rather than financial difficulties. Most cases for child support modification pertain to a financial hardship related to a financial hardship. Regardless of the underlying reasons a Pennsylvania parent may have for wanting to revisit or modify a child support order, doing so through the court system and with transparency of reasoning may work best for everyone involved.

Source:, “Steve Nash child support: The NBA star contests support payments,” April 30, 2013