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April 2013 Archives

Violation of divorce agreement can lead to charges

Many people wrongfully assume that once a divorce is final, they may not ever have to deal with each other again, at least in a legal sense. If there are kids involved and there is a divorce agreement, the couple may certainly have to navigate the courts time and time again for years to come. Any Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce or who have issues with their current divorce agreement should know that violating the agreement at any time can lead to a complaint or charges in court, as is the case with a former governor and his ex-wife.

Child custody issues lead to charges against parents

In a recent case, two parents, grandparents and two small children found themselves in the middle of the news as their custody issues became an international affair. The recent case involved the child custody of two small children who were placed in the care of their maternal grandparents. Pennsylvania families who are in the midst of a child custody case may want to make note of the incident and how authorities and family members have handled it.

It is never too late to resolve child support issues

There may be parents who feel that once they have missed being paid a few child support payments that they may never see the amount they are owed. However, the headline story of the Powerball lottery winner who was behind in child support payments and promptly took care of his back debt goes to show that it is really never too late for payments to be made. Pennsylvania parents in pursuit of child support may be encouraged by both the man's willingness to pay quickly and by the state authorities' swiftness in making sure payment would be made.

Former Pennsylvania pro football player files for divorce

Any time a divorce filing plays out in public, there are bound to be multiple issues aired. The proverbial court of public opinion can be just as a trying as an actual court hearing. For Kordell Stewart, whose Pennsylvania football days were spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his divorce case is already making news and not just because of how well known or how wealthy the couple may be. Stewart's divorce news is drawing attention because his wife alleges that she found out he filed for divorce by reading about it through the news.

Social media gets man in trouble for back child support payments

There are countless stories and scenarios of people getting themselves into legal trouble because of social media postings or pictures. For one man in particular, it was a picture he posted that landed him in legal trouble pertaining to back child support payments. Any Pennsylvania couples dealing with child support issues or divorce issues may take interest in understanding the role social media may play in courtrooms today.

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