Former Pennsylvania pro football player files for divorce

Any time a divorce filing plays out in public, there are bound to be multiple issues aired. The proverbial court of public opinion can be just as a trying as an actual court hearing. For Kordell Stewart, whose Pennsylvania football days were spent with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his divorce case is already making news and not just because of how well known or how wealthy the couple may be. Stewart’s divorce news is drawing attention because his wife alleges that she found out he filed for divorce by reading about it through the news.

Public records indicate Stewart filed for divorce on March 22. It is also noted that he is apparently not offering spousal support. His wife, Porsha Stewart, says she was ‘blindsided’ by the filing. She has retained counsel to navigate the upcoming proceedings. Her legal counsel notes that both sides will come together for what is called a status conference to work out details before heading to court.

While Kordell was widely known for his football career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the couple has lived in Atlanta and appeared on the reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” It is reported that the season finale of the show shows the couple attending counseling to work on their marriage. It is unclear how much the Stewarts are worth or if there was a prenuptial agreement, although news reports indicate that Stewart alluded to one.

How the news of a divorce is broken to one party involved can play a role in the tone of the entire proceeding. While those who are not in the public eye don’t typically read about their divorce in the media, having one party file unexpectedly can create conflict and resentment. Having face to face negotiations is one way for Pennsylvania couples to outline the main points to be addressed during a divorce, and it can also be a way to present what the parties feel is relevant so as to provide a framework for achieving a fair and comprehensive settlement.

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