It is never too late to resolve child support issues

There may be parents who feel that once they have missed being paid a few child support payments that they may never see the amount they are owed. However, the headline story of the Powerball lottery winner who was behind in child support payments and promptly took care of his back debt goes to show that it is really never too late for payments to be made. Pennsylvania parents in pursuit of child support may be encouraged by both the man’s willingness to pay quickly and by the state authorities’ swiftness in making sure payment would be made.

The Powerball winner claimed a prize that would net him $152 million dollars in one lump sum after taxes. Shortly after being disclosed publicly as the winner of the jackpot, it also became public that he was behind in child support payments to the tune of $29,000. The man reportedly has five children from the ages of 5 to 23 years old.

Once authorities made his debt public, they also issued a warrant for his arrest which was actually stayed, giving the man a chance to go to court on his own and pay the past debt. His debt was dated back to 2009. It is unclear for which child or children he owed support for. However, the man has since vowed to help his family and others with the money he has won.

While winning the lottery is not a typical way for someone to make good on past debts such as overdue child support payments, in this case the winner was able to take care of the balance and avoid the legal repercussions of not paying. Pennsylvania parents who owe back child support may want to be clear as to what legal repercussions there are if they fall behind in payments. Some may be able to seek a modification in support to avoid penalties. Those who are waiting on past due payments of child support may also want to investigate what legal measures can be taken to expedite back due payments.

Source:, “Powerball Winner Pedro Quezada Settles $29,000 Child Support Debt,” Alyssa Newcomb, April 1, 2013