Social media gets man in trouble for back child support payments

There are countless stories and scenarios of people getting themselves into legal trouble because of social media postings or pictures. For one man in particular, it was a picture he posted that landed him in legal trouble pertaining to back child support payments. Any Pennsylvania couples dealing with child support issues or divorce issues may take interest in understanding the role social media may play in courtrooms today.

A 23-year-old man apparently posted a photo of himself on Facebook. It showed him smiling amongst a display of what appear to be a number of $20 bills. The man posing with the spread of cash around him is reportedly behind in child supports for a 3-year-old child.

Authorities got wind of the photograph. They were able to obtain a search warrant based on the social media photo. Authorities reportedly do not know if the money in the picture belongs to the man who owes child support. Nevertheless, he is currently charged with three felony counts related to the back-due child support payments.

This case highlights the far reaching affects of social media and how a simple post or a picture can lead to criminal charges. There are a wide range of enforcement techniques to force recalcitrant noncustodial parents to pay back due child support, including the garnishment of wages or confiscating assets. Any Pennsylvania parents who are behind in child support or who may soon find themselves behind in payments may benefit by formally applying for a modification rather than put themselves in a position where they may face criminal charges or other enforcement measures for failure to pay. For custodial parents who are trying to get overdue child support payments, social media sites such as Facebook may provide important and valuable evidence to assist them in their efforts to receive what they are owed.

Source:, “Facebook picture leads to child support case,” March 22, 2013