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December 2012 Archives

Pennsylvania child support: Woman claims NFL player owes 23k

With the poor economy and amount of job losses in Pennsylvania and across the country, many parents may have difficulty paying their child support. Others may be in financial trouble because they aren't receiving timely payments. When parents get into this situation, both sides ultimately have legal options available that can help with child support problems.

Pennsylvania divorce: Woman may receive up to $800 million

A billionaire's wife recently filed for divorce from her husband of 43 years. The couple's fortune is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion dollars, and reports state they had no prenuptial agreement. Any type of divorce in Pennsylvania can be difficult, but when massive wealth is as stake, there is always the possibility of lengthy divorce proceedings while couples try to come to a property division agreement fair to both of them.

Is a prenuptial agreement worth it in a Pennsylvania divorce?

A well-known west coast car salesman has again landed in divorce court, this time for his fourth marital split. Pennsylvania readers are likely aware of Cal Worthington, who is best known for his memorable television commercials about selling vehicles. The man managed to amass a large fortune, but could have to part with some of those funds during his latest divorce. Although his wife denies it, Worthington claims she signed a prenuptial agreement limiting her rights in the event of a divorce.

Deported father to be regain child custody of 3 sons

An unusual child custody case involving a deported illegal alien has been recently resolved. The case has made headlines in Pennsylvania and across the nation, and exemplifies the difficulties that family court judges face in applying existing child custody laws to deported foreign nationals once their children have entered the American social services system. As more and more parents find themselves deported under the current immigration policies, these issues are likely to continue to arise.

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