Pennsylvania divorce: Woman may receive up to $800 million

A billionaire’s wife recently filed for divorce from her husband of 43 years. The couple’s fortune is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion dollars, and reports state they had no prenuptial agreement. Any type of divorce in Pennsylvania can be difficult, but when massive wealth is as stake, there is always the possibility of lengthy divorce proceedings while couples try to come to a property division agreement fair to both of them.

In 2010, the man sold his pharmaceutical business for a staggering $1.3 billion. To many, he is considered a playboy and party lover, and while his wife apparently knew how he was, she has grown concerned over what she views to be increasingly erratic behavior. She claims her husband purchased and gave away 12 Teslas to his friends and donated $7 million to prostate cancer research. She is concerned over the way he is spending what she deems to be marital assets and feels he may be squandering the fortune.

The man’s attorney claims his client is only donating to charitable organizations that are seeking a cure for cancer. However, the woman is now fighting to ensure she receives what she believes she is entitled to under the law. When they married, neither had much money, but with the state of their wealth now, the divorce payout for her could reportedly reach as high as $800 million.

This couple did not have their fortune when they first married. After 43 years of marriage, the wife is entitled to receive a fair portion during their divorce settlement. Pennsylvania couples of considerable wealth who end up involved in a divorce will need to come to a mutual agreement on how to divide their assets to avoid the potential of a lengthy court battle. Having professional assistance to help achieve a full and fair settlement may be the best first step to doing so.

Source: New York Post, “Pharma billionaire Stewart Rahr had no prenup and faces paying out $800m divorce settlement,” Dec. 4, 2012