Is a prenuptial agreement worth it in a Pennsylvania divorce?

A well-known west coast car salesman has again landed in divorce court, this time for his fourth marital split. Pennsylvania readers are likely aware of Cal Worthington, who is best known for his memorable television commercials about selling vehicles. The man managed to amass a large fortune, but could have to part with some of those funds during his latest divorce. Although his wife denies it, Worthington claims she signed a prenuptial agreement limiting her rights in the event of a divorce.

The 41-year-old filed for divorce from the 92-year-old last year, after only eight months of marriage. Her attorney claims she is entitled to receive half of their mansion that he bought during their marriage. That mansion is valued at a whopping $3 million dollars. However, Worthington’s attorney claims that is definitely not the case because the woman signed a prenup limiting how much money she could receive. He claims the prenup only allows her to receive $30,000 in spousal support.

His attorney also claims the woman took over $200,000 from their joint accounts and transferred the money into her private account. The woman’s lawyer claims Worthington never set any spending restrictions on her, and she was allowed to use the money in the account in any way she wished. Worthington says the divorce is taking a toll on him, and he is ready to move on. A judge in the case will rule within the next few months.

When Pennsylvania couples find themselves in the middle of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement could help settle the majority of issues. If there is a properly executed agreement in Worthington’s case, it could restrict the amount of money the woman will gain. However, if no such agreement exists or an existing one is ruled invalid, it could allow the woman to achieve a far greater settlement.

Source: ABC 7, “Car mogul Cal Worthington’s bitter divorce trial: Closing arguments heard,” Robert Holguin, Nov. 29, 2012