Pennsylvania child support: Woman claims NFL player owes 23k

With the poor economy and amount of job losses in Pennsylvania and across the country, many parents may have difficulty paying their child support. Others may be in financial trouble because they aren’t receiving timely payments. When parents get into this situation, both sides ultimately have legal options available that can help with child support problems.

A woman claims NFL player Brandon LaFell is behind on his child support payments. She claims he is bound to pay her $4,000 a month for their young child. However, LaFell stated he received a child support modification allowing him to pay her only $1,500 per month. The woman has since petitioned the court to enforce the child support order against him.

Reportedly, LaFell received a reduction in his support last year. However, the woman’s legal representation claimed the judge granting to lower payments never signed the modified order, so it is not enforced. The $4,000 a month amount was set in a temporary order because the woman claimed she had extenuating circumstances, and their child was suffering from health issues. Records show LaFell paid the $4,000 amount twice, but since last summer his payments have averaged approximately $1,500 per month. The woman claims she is still owed $23,000. LaFell is expected to make over $500,000 for this NFL season, but claims he is paying his child support as expected.

When child support problems like this one come up, Pennsylvania parents can seek help by enlisting the help of a knowledgeable party familiar with the legal system. Not receiving the required amount of child support can be financially straining for parents, especially when they are raising a sick child.

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