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Focused On Your Family During Child Custody Disputes

Working out issues related to child custody is often the most contentious part of a divorce. Parents sometimes try to hurt the other spouse by making unreasonable custody proposals.

At Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, we are focused on doing what is best for your family. Our lawyers try to refocus our clients’ anger so you can concentrate on doing what is right for their children. We truly believe when children’s interests are put first, everything else falls into place. One way we do this is by advocating for mediation and collaborative family law.

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Finding Custody Solutions That Are In The Best Interests Of Your Children

Custody can take many different forms. Parents can share custody equally, one parent may be the primary physical custodian while the other has substantial visitation, or one parent may have sole custody. It depends on the circumstances and what is determined to be in the best interests of the children.

The term “visitation” is not an accurate reflection of how important this issue is to the parent and child. Quality parenting time is something we fight hard to protect for our clients.

We help parents determine the legal and physical custody arrangements that work for their family as a whole. We help clients determine their goals by asking questions. Issues that can affect child custody include children’s schedules and needs, parents’ schedules and needs, tuition for college and private school and other matters. We remind people that child custody is not about them — it is about their children and parental cooperation.

Although custody orders can be modified later if it is in the best interests of the children or if a parent relocates, we believe that the best course of action is to find a solution that both parents can live with for many years.

Sometimes children are better off with grandparents or other family members. In these cases, we help third party’s establish custody or gain guardianship of their loved ones.

We also assist clients with emergency petitions if circumstances have changed and they believe their children are in danger.

A Better Solution To Custody Disputes

Our founding partner, attorney Maribeth Blessing, is a trained mediator and experienced arbitrator. She is also a proponent of using the collaborative law process to resolve disputes about child custody. By avoiding court, parents make their own decisions regarding custody and parenting arrangements — rather than trusting the court system to do it for them. Avoiding a courtroom battle also reduces levels of anger and stress, which also benefit the children.

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We offer a free 10-minute consultation, and also offer a two-hour consultation for a very reasonable fee. Our office is located in Rockledge and is easily accessible to clients throughout Montgomery County, Bucks County and surrounding areas.