Tips for fathers to excel at co-parenting

Divorced fathers in Pennsylvania want the best for their children. Being successful at co-parenting is one of the best ways to give kids the sense of normalcy they need. These tips can help fathers be great at it.

Be an effective communicator

Successful co-parenting is only possible when you’re an effective communicator. Be open and clear with your ex-wife when communicating with her. Talk about the important matters relating to your children and how you want to raise them and do so through as many means as possible. Face-to-face is often best, but when that’s not feasible, communicate through calls, texts, email or video chats.

Stick to a consistent schedule

Children often need consistency in order to thrive. As a result, it’s important to maintain a regular parenting time schedule. In other words, if the kids are used to spending Monday through Thursday with their mom and Friday, Saturday and Sunday with you, keep that pattern going. Of course, unexpected things happen that might require a change in the schedule, but try to keep as steady a pattern as you can manage.

Be civil and respectful

When you and your ex-wife are around the children, be respectful toward her. Your kids deserve to see their parents being non-confrontational and civil. Naturally, like all divorced couples who have to co-parent, you’ll have some differences of opinion, but if you have to argue, do it in private, away from the children.

Speak positively of your ex

Even if you and your ex-wife had a difficult split, it’s important to speak positively of her in front of your kids. This can help to keep all bonds close and make you successful at co-parenting.

Successful co-parenting as a father means putting your kids first. Your children will benefit.