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April 2016 Archives

Seeking an adoption in Pennsylvania

There are a variety of different types of parents in Pennsylvania and across the country. In addition to parents who are hands on or those who take a different approach, there are parents who have a biological connection to a child and those who do not. For many of the families without the biological relationship to the child, it does not change the person's impact or role in the child's life. In some cases, it may become prudent for people to ensure that they have legal rights in regard a child by seeking an adoption.

Charlie Sheen involved in child support disagreement

There are many parents in Pennsylvania who struggle to ensure that their children's needs are met. This may also be the case even for those who are perceived to be wealthy. For example, actor Charlie Sheen is now embroiled in child support disputes with two women as he seeks to have the amount he pays each month reduced.

Woman seeks child custody of her son following illness

While some in Pennsylvania have complication-free pregnancies, others do not and, ultimately, find themselves in the hospital. Being ill during pregnancy can make caring for another child complicated; many families are able to cope by relying on family members and friends. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman hospitalized due to pregnancy complications claims that a woman she considered a friend -- and former employee of the Department of Children's Services -- took advantage of their relationship by seeking child custody of her young son while she was in the hospital.

State says man must pay child support for child who is not his

Parents have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that their children receive the financial and emotional care they require. Most parents in Pennsylvania are more than willing to meet these obligations to the children. However, one out-of-state man claims he was recently notified that he will be required to pay child support with whom he shares no biological connection.

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