Charlie Sheen involved in child support disagreement

There are many parents in Pennsylvania who struggle to ensure that their children’s needs are met. This may also be the case even for those who are perceived to be wealthy. For example, actor Charlie Sheen is now embroiled in child support disputes with two women as he seeks to have the amount he pays each month reduced.

One case involves Brooke Mueller, the mother of his twin boys, now 7. Mueller claims that Sheen agreed to pay $55,000 each month in support of the boys; however, she says that she only received approximately $21,000 for March and April combined. She is seeking the court to intervene over the remaining $89,000. Sheen has recently filed paperwork requesting that the amount he pays each month be reduced, claiming that the agreement was made at a time when he was making over $600,000 each month. Now, he says he only makes approximately $87,000 each month.

Sheen is involved in a similar battle with the mother of two of his daughters, Denise Richards. A representative for Sheen claims that he has paid Richards $660,000 each year for the last ten years in addition to paying her $10 million as part of their divorce settlement. In a lawsuit filed in January, Richards is seeking $1.2 million she claims Sheen owes her.

While the need for child support is obvious, there are various issues that can impact a person’s ability to pay. As a result, many people seek a reduction. However, there are also parents in Pennsylvania who struggle because another parent fails to meet their financial obligations. Legal action may be required in either of these scenarios, prompting both parties to seek legal advice.

Source: People, “Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Claims Actor Owes $89,000 in Back Child Support“, Aaron Couch, April 12, 2016