Seeking an adoption in Pennsylvania

There are a variety of different types of parents in Pennsylvania and across the country. In addition to parents who are hands on or those who take a different approach, there are parents who have a biological connection to a child and those who do not. For many of the families without the biological relationship to the child, it does not change the person’s impact or role in the child’s life. In some cases, it may become prudent for people to ensure that they have legal rights in regard a child by seeking an adoption.

The Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC have been helping families through the adoption process for over 20 years. Attorney Blessing has experience with the different proceedings and requirements in several different Pennsylvania counties. In the past, she has helped stepparents and same-sex couples achieve their family goals.

In the case of stepparent adoption, we strive to complete proceedings with as little conflict as necessary. As a result, we work with the other biological parent to obtain consent rather than immediately forcing the issue by using litigation to seek a termination of legal rights. However, we are willing to fight for such an outcome if an agreement can not be made

We also help same-sex couples involving biological or adoptive children. To help ensure successfully proceedings, we can help couples prepare for the necessary home study. Overall, the adoption process can be relatively high stakes for both parents and children. Attorney Maribeth Blessing can help families in Pennsylvania navigate through the process.