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March 2016 Archives

Family law mediation: Making divorce more peaceful

Thanks to its portrayal in movies and on television, many people have the mistaken impression that divorce is always bitter and contentious. While it is true that some couples in Pennsylvania may struggle with negative emotions during the divorce process, many are able to come together in the spirit of communication and compromise to make necessary decisions. For these couples, there are more peaceful, less expensive paths to divorce, including family law mediation.

Family who wants adoption loses custody of foster child

During what could be times of severe stress for children in Pennsylvania, there are often foster homes willing to step in and provide stability and love. While in many cases, these homes are a temporary stop, others could turn into a more permanent arrangement through adoption. One out-of-state family was hoping for this outcome in regards to their now 6-year-old foster daughter. A recent court ruling, however, appears to make it unlikely that this will happen.

Judge issues interim child custody order in Bristol Palin case

Couples in Pennsylvania separate in different stages of their relationships for a variety of reasons. Those with or expecting children must make decisions regarding how they will parent their children together. Child custody issues for parents of infants can be slightly more complicated if the child is breastfeeding. However, an out-of-state judge recently ruled that the potential of disrupting Bristol Palin's breastfeeding schedule cannot prevent the child's father from having overnight visits.

Co-parenting after a divorce

When a couple in Pennsylvania decides to marry, they typically do so with the thought that they will spend the rest of their lives together. However, the pressures of life, including professions and children, can place a significant strain on a relationship. For some, this strain creates obstacles in the relationship that cannot be overcome and can often lead the couple to a divorce. While this is the best choice for many couples, those with children must be able to maintain a civil relationship in order to come together and co-parent.

The impact of child support on federal taxes

At this time of year, many people are pulling together the necessary documents to file their federal and state taxes. For many this is a relatively straightforward process. However, those who receive or pay child support in Pennsylvania and in other states may have questions about how to treat such payments as they complete their tax returns.

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