Judge issues interim child custody order in Bristol Palin case

Couples in Pennsylvania separate in different stages of their relationships for a variety of reasons. Those with or expecting children must make decisions regarding how they will parent their children together. Child custody issues for parents of infants can be slightly more complicated if the child is breastfeeding. However, an out-of-state judge recently ruled that the potential of disrupting Bristol Palin’s breastfeeding schedule cannot prevent the child’s father from having overnight visits.

The child’s father, Dakota Meyer, claims that 25-year-old Palin previously agreed that he could visit with the child for day visits. However, she allegedly changed her mind, saying instead that he could spend four hours with the baby, when he indicated that he wanted to spend time with the baby without Palin present. In their recent court case, Palin requested an interim ruling that would give her primary physical custody with Meyer only receiving visitation. She claimed that overnight visits would disrupt her breastfeeding routine.

The judge recently issued an interim order, ruling that the parents would share physical and legal custody. Court records indicate that Meyer produced text messages with Palin indicating that she only nursed at night. The judge ruled that it is in the best interest of the child to have the visits with Meyer and ordered Palin to provide breast milk or formula. Meyer will have four consecutive days with his daughter two times a month, including overnight visits.

Even parents who are in a romantic relationship sometimes struggle to agree on parenting decisions. Couples who are no longer together must sometimes seek the intervention of the court to help make a determination regarding child custody and visitation. Many parents in Pennsylvania in this situation seek the help of an attorney with family law experience to ensure that their voices are heard in court.

Source: People, “Bristol Palin’s Ex-Fiance Dakota Meyer Awarded Joint Custody of Their Baby Daughter Sailor Grace“, Tierney McAfee, March 10, 2016