Family law mediation: Making divorce more peaceful

Thanks to its portrayal in movies and on television, many people have the mistaken impression that divorce is always bitter and contentious. While it is true that some couples in Pennsylvania may struggle with negative emotions during the divorce process, many are able to come together in the spirit of communication and compromise to make necessary decisions. For these couples, there are more peaceful, less expensive paths to divorce, including family law mediation.

Some statistics indicate that approximately 70 percent of couples seeking a divorce arrive at court without legal representation. Often, this decision is made to reduce costs and ensure they the couple remains in control of their processes. However, the average person is unfamiliar with the process and all that it entails. As a result, they often end up facing additional expenses in the long run as a result of mistakes.

However, couples who are willing to be open and communicate are often successful with the mediation process. During this, a neutral attorney assists the couple in making the necessary decisions. While it may be difficult for some couples to put aside their unhappiness, many are able to do so in the interest of making the divorce process as painless as possible. This is especially important for couples with children as they will have to continue to parent together.

By choosing family law mediation, a divorcing couple in Pennsylvania will likely conclude their proceedings with more money in their pockets and a better understand of family law. Some even argue that the process reduces conflict, which is beneficial to the children that resulted from the relationship. By going through the mediation process, many people are then able to seek a happier life.

Source:, “Getting a divorce? Why one family court judge advocates mediation“, Beverly Taylor, March 23, 2016