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May 2014 Archives

One man's child support matters become public

Whenever a couple separates and decides upon a formal child support agreement, that agreement is legally binding. If one parent does not or simply can't live up the obligation or has other issues that lead to being unable to pay child support, there may be a wide variety of consequences. In one town, a man may have to fight to keep a school board seat as his personal child support matters are now public. Any elected official or community official in Pennsylvania may be interested in the school board member's situation.

Patric child custody ruling could affect others in Pennsylvania

Family law cases can be as individual as the people involved. There are times when a child custody case impacts more than just the parties involved. A recent child custody case thousands of miles away could have a ripple effect in Pennsylvania. The case involves actor Jason Patric and his quest to be a dad to his biological son.

Co-parenting after divorce tips for Pennsylvania parents

When parenting styles differ during a marriage, it can be difficult enough to maneuver. In the event that a divorce takes place, the co-parenting relationship can be even more difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are some tips available for Pennsylvania parents who wish to co-parent effectively after their divorce.

Divorce can affect standing in family business

When a couple decides to separate, they typically need to divide a number of assets. This may include the family business, and the respective roles of the parties in that family business may be altered. Pennsylvania couples who share a business or work for their soon-to-be ex in-laws may want to follow the story of a couple in the midst of a high-profile divorce and how that is affecting the business relationship between the father-in-law and his future former son-in-law.

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