One man’s child support matters become public

Whenever a couple separates and decides upon a formal child support agreement, that agreement is legally binding. If one parent does not or simply can’t live up the obligation or has other issues that lead to being unable to pay child support, there may be a wide variety of consequences. In one town, a man may have to fight to keep a school board seat as his personal child support matters are now public. Any elected official or community official in Pennsylvania may be interested in the school board member’s situation.

The 42-year-old man is set to take a seat on the school board, which he just won an election. He was speaking with a local news outlet when he revealed that he is currently behind in child support payments. The man reportedly owes more than $45,000 in back child support.

The revelation led one parent to ask that man be removed from the school board. He feels it sets a bad example to have someone on the school board who is unable to fulfill his child support obligation and has issues with his own finances. The man contends that he is working to resolve the issue, and his plight can serve as a cautionary tale.

The fate of the school board position may not be sealed just yet, but the man’s child support matters are now public knowledge. When someone is behind in child support in Pennsylvania, having the issue and amount made public can impact one’s reputation and possibly even that person’s job. Any parent struggling to meet payments may be able to seek a modification of the payment amount in an attempt to alleviate the financial strain. To prevail, the parent will need to demonstrate to the court that he or she has suffered a substantial change in economic circumstances.

Source:, “Parent: Recall WISD Board Member Who Owes $45K In Child Support”, Matt Howerton, May 20, 2014