Co-parenting after divorce tips for Pennsylvania parents

When parenting styles differ during a marriage, it can be difficult enough to maneuver. In the event that a divorce takes place, the co-parenting relationship can be even more difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are some tips available for Pennsylvania parents who wish to co-parent effectively after their divorce.

Some parents may be tempted to return to court every time there is a disagreement. While working and communicating through professionals may help with negotiating specific details of a parenting plan, there are ways to avoid unnecessary litigation. One tip is to find common ground or unique ways to deal with conflicting views or approaches to parenting issues as they arise. If that does not work individually, having an advocate who can negotiate and resolve disputes can be a vital asset for all parties involved, especially the children directly affected by every decision.

Another tip is to communicate effectively. This may be difficult if the divorce process is particularly contentious for the parents involved. Using technology rather than face-to-face discussions can be useful. Also, if using texts and emails as a primary way to work through issues, these can easily be kept as a record of what is ultimately decided.

A parenting plan between parents who have gone through a divorce can be as unique as the parents and children involved. Knowing alternate ways of communicating and relying on outside parties for clarity and conflict resolution can help Pennsylvania parents immensely. Parents should both explore what kind of co-parenting approach works best for their family. In the event they are unable to agree on arrangements, they may be able to work their issues out in a family court and have an impartial judge decide what is in the best interests of the children.

Source:, “Divorce Confidential: Tips for Successful and Healthy Co-Parenting“, Caroline Choi, May 9, 2014