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December 2013 Archives

Divorce in the New Year can raise lots of questions

Any time a couple decides to split and pursue divorce, there may be lots of questions and issues raised that couples may not have considered. As the New Year sets in, there is a noted rise in divorce filings in Pennsylvania and every other state. Even though each divorce may be different, some standard advice and guidance may apply to more couples than not regardless of the time of year.

Actor, director Clint Eastwood seeks divorce from wife

Whenever a Hollywood couple splits, it can be easy to assume there is enough money to go around and both parties should be able to amicably split a great deal of wealth. However, just as with other couples in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, a divorce can lead to many complications regardless of the amount of money to be divided. As Clint Eastwood and his current wife Dina go through their divorce in the public eye, certain disagreements have surfaced.

New hope for parents with child custody issues

Any time two parents are at odds over where a child should live or about basic parenting decisions, the process of resolving those issues can be drawn out and complicated. When one parent involved in a child custody matter is in another country, the issue can be even more complex. For Pennsylvania parents who have an ongoing global custody problem ahead of them, there may be new hope for achieving an amicable resolution.

Divorce can make holidays difficult for Pennsylvania families

When someone goes through a divorce, even when it is completely amicable, there is typically a period of adjustment and decision making for the people involved. Pennsylvania couples in the midst of divorce or facing their first holiday season and New Year as newly divorced may benefit from some universal tips. While each family is different in how they deal with divorce, the following tips may help anyone who is dealing with divorce issues, such as decisions over property division, child visitation, or social situations.

Cross-country child custody case gets complicated

Anytime there are custody issues to work out for parents, there are bound to be complications. However, when parents are across the country from each other and both want the child full-time, the child custody ruling of one court in one state could be challenged by another state family court. Any Pennsylvania parent who is dealing with child custody issues with another parent who is in another state may want to follow the case of Olympic skier Bode Miller.

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