Divorce in the New Year can raise lots of questions

Any time a couple decides to split and pursue divorce, there may be lots of questions and issues raised that couples may not have considered. As the New Year sets in, there is a noted rise in divorce filings in Pennsylvania and every other state. Even though each divorce may be different, some standard advice and guidance may apply to more couples than not regardless of the time of year.

One vital change each person may want to be aware of are the extra expenses that come about during and after a divorce. One spouse may have to consider the added costs of health insurance that may be lost after divorce. Detailed child care expenses that were once shared may become an issue for one parent to handle alone. Documenting these additional expenses or planning who will handle what obligation may benefit all parties.

One area of concern for many people who have never been through a divorce may be the process of having to make decisions without knowing the outcome. While having a legal professional guide certain aspects of the divorce may be helpful, the decisions ultimately have to be made by the person going through the divorce. It is advisable to ask questions and also ask for alternative solutions when unique or complicated issues arise. Outside experts, such as real estate professionals, tax specialists or therapists for children may also be a useful resource.

Because every couple is unique, the actual process of how a Pennsylvania divorce unfolds will always be different. However, an experienced legal professional who is knowledgeable about the process before may be a valuable source of information and can help make the entire process clearer. When it comes to the inevitable changes to finances, households, taxes and healthcare expenses, the more information a person has, the better prepared they will be for the changes they may have to contend with.

Source: The Huffington Post, 5 Nuances of Divorce You Need to Know, Kerri Zane, Dec. 26, 2013