Actor, director Clint Eastwood seeks divorce from wife

Whenever a Hollywood couple splits, it can be easy to assume there is enough money to go around and both parties should be able to amicably split a great deal of wealth. However, just as with other couples in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, a divorce can lead to many complications regardless of the amount of money to be divided. As Clint Eastwood and his current wife Dina go through their divorce in the public eye, certain disagreements have surfaced.

One area of contention appears to be the fate of their 16-year-old daughter. Dina Eastwood is seeking full custody. However, 83-year-old Eastwood is seeking to have a joint custody agreement.

Another area that seems to be making news concerning their high asset divorce is the issue of alimony. Dina wants alimony. Yet, Eastwood contends there was a prenuptial agreement in place and he has filed papers saying the agreement means that Dina is not to receive any alimony from the successful star.

In cases where one party has amassed a great deal of wealth, a prenuptial agreement may outline specific amounts to be awarded if a divorce occurs. Also, some Pennsylvania couples may be interested to know that there may be stipulations or situations where a court may deem a prenuptial agreement invalid and award alimony after all. Any couple struggling with how to construct a prenuptial agreement, or a party looking to nullify or contest an agreement, may benefit from knowing what kind of circumstances may help advance their interests within the confines of the law.

Source:, Clint Eastwood launches custody, spousal support battle against ex, Zeba Blay, Dec. 21, 2013