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November 2013 Archives

Fate of pets in question during divorce

Divorce can be contentious amongst any couple. There may be more to divide than anyone expects to have to deal with. As pet ownership is on the rise, the issue of pet custody has become important during divorce. Any Pennsylvania couples currently going through a divorce and struggling with what to do with the family pet should realize many others are going through the same thing.

Conference clears up child support questions for teens

When people think about child support issues or problems, they may picture grown adults disagreeing after a divorce. However, another segment of the population may have child support questions or need advice. That segment is teen parents. Any Pennsylvania teenaged parents might be interested in the guidance and answers a recent conference provided.

Custody of pets may factor into Pennsylvania divorce

Regardless of the length of the marriage or the value of the assets involved, there is bound to be some contention when it comes to making decisions as a divorce looms. Many Pennsylvania couples may agree on the fate of most valuables or assets during a divorce, but it certainly isn't uncommon for a few assets to cause conflict. When it comes to pets and custody of beloved animals, Pennsylvania couples may be surprised to learn pets are considered property, even if the pet owners view them as much more.

A Pennsylvania divorce may impact men more than expected

A divorce can easily lead to a total upheaval of the family structure and naturally affects people differently. However, some men may be surprised at how a divorce impacts their health or sense of self. For Pennsylvania couples, both sexes being aware of how divorce may alter their life and health can help both parties prepare more effectively.

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