A Pennsylvania divorce may impact men more than expected

A divorce can easily lead to a total upheaval of the family structure and naturally affects people differently. However, some men may be surprised at how a divorce impacts their health or sense of self. For Pennsylvania couples, both sexes being aware of how divorce may alter their life and health can help both parties prepare more effectively.

One cited example of how men may deal with divorce differently pertains to the long held belief that men pent up their feelings rather than talk about them. Many men try to deal with the impact of divorce alone rather than expressing their feelings. This can lead to depression and certainly can take a real toll on one’s health. Blood pressure issues were cited as a very real health issue connected with men going through a divorce.

Another way in which divorce may unexpectedly impact men compared to women may be the man’s sense of self and his role in the family. A man, just like any other parent, may have pictured a happy nuclear family existence only to be disheartened and lost when that hasn’t panned out. One tip given is to remain close to the children as a means of holding on to that sense of self and purpose.

While there is no fool-proof or 100 percent effective tool for either sex to successfully navigate divorce, Pennsylvania couples who know the issues that they may not have considered before may find themselves faring better. The changes that are inevitable can be trying and unsettling, even during an amicable divorce. Dealing with the change in a healthy and productive way may help all parties involved in the transition.

Source: Huffington Post, 3 Reasons Divorce Is Harder On Men Than Women, Tiffany McHugh, Nov. 3, 2013