Conference clears up child support questions for teens

When people think about child support issues or problems, they may picture grown adults disagreeing after a divorce. However, another segment of the population may have child support questions or need advice. That segment is teen parents. Any Pennsylvania teenaged parents might be interested in the guidance and answers a recent conference provided.

Those who organized the conference realized there were a lot of myths out and about pertaining to how child support worked for teen parents. One general myth addressed is how child support is determined. The organizers addressed the belief that support is a 50/50 situation. Some of the young parents may not have been aware that child support is set based on the income of parents.

Another point that was addressed pertained to how child support worked for parents if one parent was in jail. One organizer has specifically helped men who go from prison back into society, assisting them in transitioning back into paying child support. Working with men in this situation was cited as a much better solution than having them face jail time if in arrears.

The point of the conference was to give access to complex information for parents who were said to be as young as 12. The family court system is constantly evolving, and laws and regulations may change from time to time. For teenaged parents who are trying to understand how child support works in Pennsylvania — as well as for older parents — knowing their rights and the most up-to-date information may be the most beneficial tool when faced with child support questions.

Source:, Conference clarifies the facts on child support, family court, Alison Bauter, Nov. 9, 2013