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January 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania child support: Man claims children aren't his

A strange child support case is making headlines in another state. Pennsylvania and most other state laws require parents to support their children monetarily in the event of a divorce or separation. However, one father is claiming his wife's artificial insemination nullifies his requirement to pay the child support because the children conceived during the marriage are not biologically his. The man had a vasectomy and could no longer have children, so the couple turned to a family friend for help.

Dual citizenship may complicate Missouri child custody cases

One of the most challenging parts of a Pennsylvania divorce is the child custody process. Although the majority of parents are able to come to a mutually agreeable decision, difficult issues may arise if one of the parents holds dual citizenship in another country. Many have heard of news reports concerning parents fleeing overseas with their children to avoid child custody battles. When a parent holds dual citizenship, the issue of where the children will live can quickly become complex.

Pennsylvania child support: Man owes close to $1 million

Child support can be a source of contention between separated or divorced Pennsylvania families. However, what if the spouse or ex-partner flees the country in order to avoid the court-ordered payments? One woman has been living a nightmare for almost two decades. After her husband was ordered by the courts to pay her close to $1,000 per week in child support, he suddenly stopped paying and soon fled the country.

Need for Pennsylvania orders for protection may rise this month

No matter what time of the year it is, domestic violence can be an issue for Pennsylvania families. However, New Year's Eve and the day after shows a startling rise in attacks, and the aftermath of such violence can be followed by a separation or divorce filing. In fact, statistics shows that splits skyrocket in the month of January. The month represents a time for starting over and change, but it is important for women in a domestic violence situation to take extra precautions when leaving a spouse or significant other. Orders for protection can often help women as they navigate the waters of divorce or separation.

Pennsylvania child support: Man in trouble over Facebook photos

A man in trouble over child support may be regretting his public Facebook profile. Several photos from his Facebook account are now being used against him in a felony child support case. Such an incident may make Pennsylvania parents think twice about posting provoking photos on the social networking site.

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