Pennsylvania child support: Man in trouble over Facebook photos

A man in trouble over child support may be regretting his public Facebook profile. Several photos from his Facebook account are now being used against him in a felony child support case. Such an incident may make Pennsylvania parents think twice about posting provoking photos on the social networking site.

The man is featured in photos reportedly living a lavish lifestyle even though he is involved in a felony child support case. In one photo, he is showing holding up a wad of cash, and in another he has a caption that appears to refer to how much money he is making. The child’s mother believes that the money could be used to pay back the child support he currently owes her.

The man infers the photos are not a representation of his current lifestyle, and the money could belong to anyone. He claims he is only using it to take pictures with. Another photo potentially being used in the case shows the man in at Buckingham Palace. However, he claims the photo is not what it seems because a phone app allows him to place his image in front of any background. His defense team will likely argue the man cannot afford to pay because he is poor.

Facebook is being used more often in cases concerning divorce, child custody and child support. Pictures are not always indicative of someone’s lifestyle, but they can be provocative enough to get into trouble over, especially if it looks like someone is hiding assets when they are behind on their payments. Pennsylvania parents unable to pay their court ordered support can request a modification to their payments, but those who are not receiving their money and believe something is amiss can also seek action through the courts.

Source: ABC Action News, “Facebook photos to be used in case to prove father can pay child support,” Kristal Roberts, Dec. 12, 2012