Need for Pennsylvania orders for protection may rise this month

No matter what time of the year it is, domestic violence can be an issue for Pennsylvania families. However, New Year’s Eve and the day after shows a startling rise in attacks, and the aftermath of such violence can be followed by a separation or divorce filing. In fact, statistics shows that splits skyrocket in the month of January. The month represents a time for starting over and change, but it is important for women in a domestic violence situation to take extra precautions when leaving a spouse or significant other. Orders for protection can often help women as they navigate the waters of divorce or separation.

Violence is cited as one of the top reasons for a divorce filing in this country. Women should be aware they are in the most danger for two weeks after leaving or filing for a divorce. Statistics show that women who leave have a much higher chance of risking severe injury or even death than those who choose to stay in the situation.

Women have options available that can serve as an extra layer of protection if they decide to divorce or leave their abuser. Orders for protection or restraining orders can often be requested, requiring their significant other to stay away from them. Violence is unfortunately a part of life, whether it involves a domestic situation or not, but women can take certain steps to minimize the risk of bodily harm. Of course, domestic violence can just as easily victimize men, and those affected may gain by following the same advice.

Pennsylvania spouses in a domestic violence situation should have a contingency plan in place if they leave their spouses. Such could help them while they are trying to sever their marital ties. The month of January can be extremely risky for women, especially with the number of divorce filings and the holiday at the beginning of the month. However, New Year’s Day represents a time for new beginnings and orders for protection in conjunction with a divorce filing can help abused women start over successfully.

Source: The Washington Times Communities, “Serious as Sandy Hook: Domestic violence and New Year’s Eve,” Myra Fleischer, Dec. 27, 2012