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A Wide-Ranging Family Law Practice

Our law firm was founded in 1999 to protect and preserve families. We continue this focus today, advocating for clients in family law matters such as divorce, adoption, custody and support. Our goal is to help people get through a difficult and complex matter, such as divorce, and make good choices about the future of their families.

Attorney Maribeth Blessing is a strong proponent of using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques to resolve family law problems. As a trained arbitrator and experienced mediator, she knows that ADR is often the most effective and least stressful way to arrive at satisfactory outcomes in complex family law disputes.

Our law firm helps clients with matters such as:

We also advise clients on the impact a criminal charge will have on their family law case.

Our Philosophy: A Focus On The Family

Our focus is on preserving and protecting parents and children as they transition from one type of family structure to another. This means that we strive to help clients keep their goals in mind rather than become distracted by anger and distrust. We often recommend less expensive and less stressful alternative processes such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative family law. However, when Alternative Disputes Resolution is not appropriate, we take clients’ matters as far as necessary to obtain the most favorable result possible.

Our Family Law Attorney

Our founding partner is herself a divorced mother of two children, a former elementary teacher in private and public schools, and a child support adjudicator. She is also often a court-appointed mediator, child advocate, guardian ad litem and parent coordinator. These experiences, combined with her legal training and her many years practicing family law, give her the ability to help clients with almost any family law challenge, however complex the issues. She is also experienced in military family issues and can help you resolve those as well.

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